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Race Report – ACMTBXC Race Series
Rd 5 Minley
27 June 2018

Army Cycling Mountain Bike Cross Country (ACMTBXC) Race Series 2018 had it's fifth race of the series at Minley Manor on the 27 June 2018  These events take place across the country during the summer months. The series is set up as grass roots racing to encourage soldiers and officers to compete on courses that are designed to be challenging to both novices and hardened racers, ⌗inspiringsoldierstocycle.

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Many thanks to the sponsors of Army Cycling who without their support these events like this won’t take place.


ABF The soldier's charity



Fenwicks bikes

Category Top 3 Results

Male Junior


1st - Cfn Barraclough

2nd - OCdt Lappi

3rd - OCdt Lennon

Male Masters


1st - Capt Matthews

2nd - Capt Thompson

3rd - Sgt Phillips



1st - OCdt Drysdale

2nd - SSgt Staines

3rd - LCpl Davis

Men Senior


1st - Cpl Watts

2nd - WO2 Betts

3rd - SSgt Eastman

Male Grand Masters 


1st - WO2 Stockwell

2nd - WO2 Donaldson

3rd - 

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